What are the requirements of the image I have to upload with my Application?

These are the image guidelines and policy

• When you submit artwork, only submit images you can legally share.

• Image specs:

-      Minimum dimension: 250 pixels width and 250 pixels height.

-      Maximum dimension: 500 pixels width and 500 pixels height.

-      Resolution: 72 dpi.

-      Color mode: RGB.

-      Format: 24 bit PNG image (no alpha).

-      Maximum size: 1 MB

• Make sure that any isotype or logo is in the center of the artwork, as shown below. In case you don´t have an isotype that fits en the square area,  and your logo or mark is too long, we recommend using a symbol or the first letter of your logo instead of the whole logo so it fits better in the square box format.

• We recommend using a contrasted background color other than white.

• Tip: you can use this PSD templateto create your logo image.

• Images cannot contain any of the following:

-      Website addresses

-      The words “Latch”, “ElevenPaths” or “Telefonica Digital Identity & Privacy”

-      References to illegal drugs, profanity, or violence

-      Images or language that could be construed as racist, misogynist, or homophobic.

-      Imagery depicting sex, violence, gore, drugs, explicit language, or hate themes.

-      Nazi symbolism restricted by the Strafgesetzbuch section 86a, if the content is visible in DE, AT, or CH

Note: Images that do not meet the guidelines, or do not meet our presentation standards, will not be used.

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