Why should I implement Latch security features in my online service?

Latch helps you reduce the risk of attacks directed to your online services. When you integrate Latch with your service, your end users will be able to lock the service account, or the operations you define, when they don´t use them in a very convenient way.

 The key benefits Latch offers you are:

  • Reduction in the time window during which an attacker could try to exploit a vulnerability defined in the authorization mechanisms or a human error.
  • Latch works as an early alert system independent of the system protected. Its real-time statistics of unauthorized access attempts can help you identify current threats and trends.
  • Respect for client privacy. The Latch service never requires any information about your end users.
  • You can avoid unnecessary cost and complexity. Latch works on top of your existing infrastructure to provide an extra layer of security with an easy and seamless integration with your systems.
  • Latch offers a second authentication factor defined as an OTP sent by push directly to the end user´s device. With strong authentication, even leaked credentials will not be sufficient to contribute to malicious activity.
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