What do my users need to do to start using the Latch features integrated in my service?

Once your service is Latch-enabled, you have to tell your users they can start taking control of their account. 

In order to start using the Latch security features they need to:

  • Get a Latch account here.
  • Download the Latch app for their mobile device here
  • Pair their Latch account with your service
    • From your website they´ll launch the pairing process and your service will ask them for a pairing code.
    • From the Latch app they´ll tap the "Add a new service" option to generate the paring code.
    • They´ll introduce the pairing code on your website pairing page.

Once the pairing process is finished they´ll receive a confirmation notice in the Latch app and they'll be able to access the setup of the features you have defined for your service.

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