What happens if an attacker accesses other users’ accounts illegitimately?

In the case of intrusion into the server, in a way an attacker would access third party clients, affecting confidentiality, integrity and availability of the users’ information, the attacker could:

  • Remove IDs previously established for actions. Disabling Latch does not implies malfunction of the original service.
  • If the attacker creates new IDs. Will not have any effect until they are not introduced into the client’s application code, so it will have no impact neither for the client or the user.
  • If the attacker sees some others ID: The fact that IDs and tokens are not related with entities, actions or specific authentication, makes it irrelevant.
  • If the attacker modifies switches so they are all blocked, at worst, the user will not be able to log in the associated services.

Worst case scenario, if some weird activity is detected, so all access are activated, invalidating Latch, internal controls will detect this anomalies so they are early warned.

In every case, when the user logs in the application or the partner logs in their server configuration web, previous login IP and date will be shown.

Should the IP not be the same as stored, a visual warning will be shown.

Besides, in case of a parameter being modified, for any reason, a confirmation email will be sent.

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