What data is stored by Latch?

Latch stores the information required to identify users when they sign in. When you register as a Developer, we also store your contact and billing information.

We don´t store any information about your online service´s operation or authorization systems and processes. Anytime your service requests the status of any Latch user, we just store:

  • Account identification
  • Date and time
  • Application
  • Status (on/off)

Latch does not store or handle any of your end users´ private information related to your service. We collect information related to your end user´s use of the Latch service (such as the number of times they close or open your service) as well as the number of valid and invalid attempts to access your service. We will share that information with your end users at an individual level, and with you in the form of aggregated statistics or otherwise in a format which does not reveal your end users´ identity.

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