How to change an OCSP service authentication certificate.

Sometimes it is necessary to change the certificate used to authenticate requests on an OCSP responder, for example when the certificate is about to expire and needs to be renewed.

Once you have the new certificate to be used, you must follow these steps to configure it in TrustID Revoke Server:

  1. Execute an Internet Explorer as an administrator and open TrustID Revoke administration web (http://server:portnumber/RevokeAdmin).
  2. On the left menu, under Seleccione una vista, select the Gestión de proveedores link.
  3. On the Gestión de proveedores page, select the provider used to access the OCSP responder.
  4. On the Parámetros de Configuración field, change the pkcs12file and pkcs12password values of the xml to the new .pfx/.p12 file location and password
  5. After that, click the Guardar button to store the new configuration.
  6. On each TrustID Revoke Server, execute and iisreset.exe command as an administrator to recycle the pool and reload the new configuration.
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